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Coping with Crisis: Local and Global Experiences the Fukushima Triple Disaster

Coping with Crisis: Local and Global Experiences the Fukushima Triple Disaster
Speaker: Sudeepa Abeysinghe # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Joanthan Suk # European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
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Date and Time
17th Nov 2017 14:00 - 17th Nov 2017 17:00
Chrystal Macmillan Staff Room 6th floor

Healthcare crisis preparedness is a key global health challenge, given the potential for acute events to destabilise medical care. This seminar draws upon research which investigates the diverse effects of acute crisis, and rebuilding, on the health professions. It does so through an examination of the professional and functional changes within health institutions in Minamisoma, Japan, the site of the 3.11 Triple Disaster.  The convergence of case study characteristics – including rural location, rapidly aging population and staff retention difficulties – also speak to broader and ubiquitous questions in global health policy. By viewing these experiences through perspectives from medical sociology and the sociology of institutions, the research hopes to add a social scientific lens to a research area currently dominated by biomedical accounts. This more microsociological investigation is set into the context of broader trends in crisis preparedness and governance, which will be highlighted by Jonathon Suk, who draws upon his experiences of these issues at the global level.

Biographical statement:

Dr. Sudeepa Abeysinghe is a Lecturer in Global Health Policy. Her work is primarily interested in the social construction, governance and lived experience of risk and uncertainty.

Dr. Jonathan Suk is a, interdisciplinary researcher and public health practitioner. He is currently a Senior Expert Public Health Emergency at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and ad Honorary Lecturer in the Global Public Health Unit.