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Democratic Devolution in the wake of Brexit: Youth Citizenship in Greater Manchester

Democratic Devolution in the wake of Brexit: Youth Citizenship in Greater Manchester
Speaker: Andy Mycock # University of Huddersfield
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Date and Time
27th Oct 2017 15:00 - 27th Oct 2017 18:00
Chrystal Macmillan Building Staff Room

Abstract: Brexit has left many young people who were not able to vote in the EU referendum feeling democratically isolated, excluded, and powerless to have their voices heard and influence political debate. Devolution within England offers young people new opportunities to learn about, engage with, and participate in existing and new local and regional polities. Drawing on the case of Greater Manchester, Dr Andy Mycock will discuss current research which explores the extent to which English devolution has enhanced youth citizenship policy-making in the wake of Brexit. He will explore the formation of a new regional 'Youth Combined Authority' in Greater Manchester and its impact on youth democratic education, engagement, and participation.

Short biographical statement: Dr. Andrew Mycock is a Reader in Politics at the University of Huddersfield. He is a policy-orientated academic with a wide-range of experience working with governmental and non-governmental organisations across the UK and elsewhere. Academic research has focused on youth democratic engagement and participation, citizenship education across the UK, voting age reform, youth-focused political party membership, National Citizen Service, history education, youth war commemoration, and youth citizenship policy-making. Dr Mycock was appointed to serve on the UK Government’s Youth Citizenship Commission between 2008-9 and led the follow-up project entitled Beyond the Youth Citizenship Commission in 2014. He has given evidence to a number of select committees on youth democratic engagement and participation and advised the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly on youth citizenship policy development. He also advised the Republic of Ireland and Danish governments on voting age reform. He has worked extensively with local governments across England. He is currently chairing the Kirklees Democracy Commission which has focused on youth local democracy. He is also leading a project with the support of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and city-region mayor, Andy Burnham, to establish a Greater Manchester Youth Assembly (see initial research here. He is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Democratic Participation Political Literacy Oversight Group and UK national coordinator of the Jean Monnet Network for Children's Identities and Citizenship Europe group of 28 countires.