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Childhood Studies Graduates publishing success

Two journal articles are now available as part of the Special Journal Issue of Social Inclusion [28 Sep 2017]

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Scepticism over partnership with industry to tackle non-communicable diseases

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have highlighted scepticism within the global public health community about the effectiveness of partnership approaches for addressing non-communicable diseases such as obesity, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. [20 Sep 2017]

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Handbook of European Social Policy

University of Edinburgh researchers contribute to Handbook of European Social Policy [11 Sep 2017]

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2017 edition of the 'International Review of Leave Policies and Research'

2017 edition of the 'International Review of Leave Policies and Research' has now been published. [07 Aug 2017]

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New book on UK Constitutional Change

Social Policy colleagues (Daniel Kenealy, Jan Eichhorn, Lindsay Paterson and Richard Parry together with Alexandra Remond from Politics) have published a new book: "Publics, Elites and Constitutional Change in the UK - A Missed Opportunity?". [24 Jul 2017]

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