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Childhood Studies Graduates publishing success

Two journal articles are now available as part of the Special Journal Issue of Social Inclusion

Emma Davidson and Carine Le Borgne (with Kay Tisdall) have published two journal articles, within the special journal issue ‘Promoting Children’s Participation in Research, Policy and Practice’ (Vol 5(3) 2017). This is an open access journal, so these ideas can be widely shared. Emma’s article is titled ‘Saying It Like It Is? Power, Participation and Research Involving Young People’. The article emphasises the importance of conceptualising participation not simply as a set of methods, but as a philosophical commitment which embraces honesty, inclusivity and, importantly, the humour that can come from this approach to research. Carine and Kay’s article is titled ‘Children’s Participation: Questioning Competence and Competencies?’. Using empirical evidence from Carine’s PhD in Tamil Nadu (South India) and Scotland (UK), the article examines how staff members can validate and enhance children’s competence and competencies, by scaffolding children to influence decision-making and recognising and adding to children’s knowledge. The authors conclude that increase scrutiny is needed of the concepts of competence and competencies, recognising their disempowering potential. Both Emma and Carine are graduates of  Childhood Studies at the University of Edinburgh and active in the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships