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Handbook of European Social Policy

University of Edinburgh researchers contribute to Handbook of European Social Policy

University of Edinburgh social policy researchers have contributed to a new compendium on European Social Policy by Edward Elgar publishers. Featuring chapters on labour market policy by Daniel Clegg and on the Irish and British welfare states by Fiona Dukelow (University College Cork) and Elke Heins, this handbook comprises of 29 original pieces from key contributors to the field of European social policy. The handbook captures the ‘state of the art’ in European social policy and aims to generate and contribute to debates on the future of European social policy in the 21st Century. It will be a comprehensive and authoritative resource for research and teaching covering key themes and policy areas, e.g. social exclusion, pensions, education, children and family, mobility and migration, multiculturalism, and climate change. In our University Library soon for all interested students of social policy!