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Lynne Robertson-Rose
Dr Lynne Robertson-Rose
Social Policy School of Social and Political Science
University of Edinburgh
2.04 Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 650 9922
Pension policy retirement savings behaviour Aging & Equality Economic Issues in Social POlicy Taxation Housing Behavioural responses to social and public policy (nudge effects)

My research interests lie at the intersection between personal finance and social policy. I am particularly interested in how assets are accumulated throughout the life course and used to fund retirement. My main area of expertise is defined contribution pensions but I am also interested in housing wealth and older workers. I have a particular interest in behavioural responses to social and public policy (nudging effects).

My PhD thesis investigated retirement savings behaviour and automatic enrolment in workplace pension schemes. The mixed methods research investigated the factors influencing whether or not individuals deviate from the default setting of their pension scheme.  Research attention focused on financial planning, social relations, and the work context. The study uncovered different motives underpinning individuals’ reaction to membership defaults, contribution defaults, and investment fund defaults.  I concluded that the employment context is crucial to understanding how employees react to the default settings in their workplace pension scheme.


PhD,Social Policy, Edinburgh, 2016. MSc by Research Social Policy (Distinction), Edinburgh 2011. MA Hons, Political Studies, Aberdeen.

Postgraduate Teaching (2016-17)

Political Issues in Public Policy (Course Convener)

Economic Issues in Public Policy (Lecturer on Pensions and on Taxation)

Advanced Issues in Social Policy (Seminar on Peer Collaboration)

Current Undergraduate Teaching (2016-17)

Analytical Perspectives in Social Policy (Course Convener)

Politics of the Welfare State (Lecturer on Housing Policy & Welfare Delivery)

Social Policy and Society (Lecturer on Pension Needs, Rights and Responsibilities)

Social Inequality and the Life course (Lecturer on Poverty in Old Age)

Understanding the Financial Crisis (Lecturer on Culture in the City)

In addition, I have prior tutorial experience on the following undergraduate courses; European Social Policy, Politics of the Welfare State, Industrial Relations (for Edinburgh Business School), Managing Employment Relations (for EBS)

Academy of Governance (2016-17)

Taiwan Executive Leadership Programme: seminar organiser and lecturer in UK Pension Policy  

Current Supervision of MSc Dissertations

The Role of Confucianism On Pension Policy in Hong Kong; Rural Pension in China, Advocacy Coalitions and Environmentalism in China; Chinese Pension Reform.


Freedom of Choice in Occupational Pensions- UK Country Report (2017) (co-authored with Johan de Deken for the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies, University of Amsterdam, (Research grant funded by Stichting Institute Gak).

Improving the Effectiveness of Workplace Interventions – What the Literature tells us. Scottish Government Seminar Series, Edinburgh Mar 2016

The Two Headed Hydra underneath Pension Reforms (with Johan de Deken) European Social Policy Association Annual Conference: Oslo Sep 2014

Extending the working life in Anglo Saxon Countries – Is New Zealand the ideal model? ESRC Seminar - Rethinking Retirement: Kent University May 2012