Name Title Research Interests Contact Information
Khuloud Alsaba Health Inequalities and Social Determinants of Health, Social Inequalities and Health, War and Conflicts, Public Health and Development Policy, Public Health in Conflict, Political Economy of Violence, Political Economy and Health, Feminist Theory, Gender-based Violence, Political Change and Health in the Arab World, Interdisciplinary Research, Theories of social power. Ideological power, Theories of Social Justice, Intersectionality and Inequalities
Megan Arthur Global Health Policy, Global governance, Non-state actors, Public health, Social policy
Majdi Ashour Health policy, Mixed methods, Public health, Gaza Strip, Health Systems Research, Households surveys, Health care seeking behaviours, Out of pocket payments, health systems in conflict affected areas, health care utilization, Epidemiology, In-depth Interviews, Life histories, Health Financing

Global Public Health Policy
Rachel Barry Global Health Policy, policy coherence, policy change, institutions, evidence in politics, policy communities, policy translation, policy learning, marijuana regulation, commercial regulation
Fabio Battaglia Quality of Life, Well-being, Economic Growth and Quality of Life, The Politics and Philosophy of Wellbeing, The Philosophy of Citizenship and Statehood, Democracy and Social Indicators
Alessio Bertolini welfare systems, social exclusion, Subjective well-being, Social Inequality, Labour Market, Employment policy, Work & Labour, Social Policy
Kevin Zapata Celestino Institutions and institutional change, conditional cash transfers, Mexican social policy, Mexican politics, poverty, Welfare reform politics, Welfare states, political elites, Social Policy, Policy change

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Ashlee Christoffersen Intersectionality, Equality policy, Race/ethnicity, gender, Sexuality, Practice, Third sector, feminism, reflexivity
Taya Collyer Health policy, Philosophy of science, Epidemiology, Economic Theory, statistics
Dominique L. Green Participation, Policy, Social capital, Inequality, USA, Quantitative Methods, statistical analysis, poverty, Social Policy
Christine Huebner Citizenship, Political participation, Political identities and citizenship, Youth participation, Political Culture, Quantitative Methods, methodological innovations
Nikos Kanellopoulos Education governance, Educational policy discourses, Education and European integration, Europeanisation, Social Policy and the Eurozone Crisis, Critical Policy Analysis, Critical Discourse Studies, Critical Discourse Analysis, Cultural Political Economy
Yi-tao Lee Children and childhood, Childhood and Youth Studies, Internet research, Children's Rights, Sociology of technology, fathers and fatherhood
Claire Leppold Global Health, Epidemiology, Mixed Methods, health inequalities and the social determinants of health, Disasters, Public health, Japan
Liliana Manzano Criminology, Crime prevention, Social exclusion and violence, Public policy, Quantitative Research, Neighborhood-effects, Multi-level modelling
Sara Marsden Global Health Policy, corporations and health
Leah McCabe Feminism, Institutions and institutional change, women's movements, Scottish Devolution, gender and public policy, domestic abuse, feminising policy, Gender & intersectionality, policy discourses, Policy change, gender and political institutions
Fiona McGrath
Harla Sara Octarra Policy Processes, Children's Services, Inter-agency work, Children's Rights
Cristina Asenjo Palma Well-being, Community Development, Rights-based Approaches, Asset-based Approaches, Mixed Methods, Conflict Resolution
Mihail Petkov policy networks, Public policy, interest groups, subgovernments, policy community, lobbying
Anna Pultar Education Policy, comparative social policy, the politics of education policy making, political debates and politics in the welfare state, social inequality, political ideologies and history of political thinking

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Ewan Robertson United Kingdom, European Union, Social and Public Policy, Labour Market Policy, Economic Security, In-Work Benefits, Non-Standard Employment, Welfare Reform, Welfare States
Putri Viona Sari Policy Processes, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Infectious Disease
Evan Shirley Pharmaceutical policy, Pharmaceuticals, Supply Chains, Operations Research and Management Science, Game Theory, Health systems, Public health challenges in developing countries
Fei Wang fanancial security, Financial Security, Quantitative Research, China, Gender, Elder, Poverty, Pension policy, Upward Intergenerational Transfer
Sarah Weakley youth, Welfare states, transition to adulthood, poverty, Quantitative Methods, Longitudinal Data Analysis, US domestic policy, UK domestic policy
Alexandra Wright Health policy, policy implementation, Health Systems Research, Public policy, Knowledge exchange, Evidence, alcohol policy
Runguo Wu Health Insurance, Quantitative Methods, Multilevel Modelling, Monitoring and Evaluation
Bryce Zedalis Financial Regulation, Financial Fragility and Instability, Derivative Regulation, Critical Discourse Studies, Cultural Political Economy