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Book series

A large number of book series are published in the RECWOWE network research areas.  

On this page you can download a (very large) document containing a comprehensive selection of book series, as well as five smaller documents which contain book series grouped by keywords.

  • All keywords - complete document (download pdf)
  • European Dimension, East and South East Europe, Global Dimension, Comparative Research - Comparative Research and Area Foci document (download pdf)
  • Social and Public Policy - various, Health Policy,Family and Child Policy, Environmental Policy - Social and Public Policy document (download pdf)
  • Economic Institutions and Policies – various, Industrial Relations, Financial Markets - Economic Institutions and Policies document (download pdf)
  • Government, Governance and Civil Society, Politics and Parties, Public Services Management, Welfare Regimes - Social and Political Institutions document (download pdf)
  • Inequalities, Gender, Ethnicity and Immigration, Poverty, Sociology of Work - Inequalities and Sociology of Work document (download pdf)

Please notice the remarks on the keyword system.

A general remark: Not all publishings follow similar policies; whereas some publish a large number of book series, others do not - which means that publishings which are not or under-represented in the above lists nevertheless may have an interest in publishing books in the respective areas.