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Working Papers on the Reconciliation of Work and Welfare in Europe

Instructions for authors


Unless otherwise stated in the call, papers must not exceed 12,000 words in length, excluding endnotes.


Papers should be in English. Spelling should follow that of the Oxford English Dictionary. Authors are responsible for consistency in spelling and nomenclature.

The Working Papers on the Reconciliation of Work and Welfare in Europe series is committed to non-sexist use of language. For example, please avoid the use of masculine pronouns (he, him, his), unless specifically referring to a male.

Paper Format

Submissions should be doubleline spaced.

Footnotes should not be used. If necessary, add endnotes in numerical sequence on the final page, referred to in text as (1), (2), etc.

Tables and Figures should be provided at the end (not incorporated into the typescript); their position for eventual insertion should be keyed into the text. They should be numbered consecutively throughout and include a short, descriptive title.

Use Arabic numerals for all page numbers, tables, diagrams, etc.


Use the Harvard system, which in the text cites author(s) and year of publication, and the full reference in a List of References at the end of the main text, in alphabetical order. For example:

Hacker, J. (2004) Privatizing risk without privatizing the welfare state: the hidden politics of social policy retrenchment in the United States, American Political Science Review, Volume 98(2): 243-260
Reissert, B. and Schmid, G. (1994) Unemployment compensation and active labour market policy: the impact of unemployment benefits on income security, work incentives and public policy, in Schmid, G. (ed) Labour Market Institutions in Europe, London: M.E. Sharpe: 83-119
Steinmo, S., Thelen, K. and Longstreth, F. (1992) Structuring Politics: Historical Institutionalism in Comparative Politics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

In text these references should appear as follows:

Hacker (2004); Reissert and Schmid (1994); Steinmo et al. (1992)

NB: If two or more publications in the same year are cited for one author, add a, b, etc. after the date.

Abstract, Keywords, About the Author

An abstract of maximum 200 words, indicating the papers argument, approach and findings, as well as 5 keywords, must be provided in a separate attachment along with the submission. Further, a short text (no more than 130 words) is required for the "about the author" section.


The initial submission must be as far as possible anonymised, avoiding references to the author in the title page, acknowledgement or any electronic author identification. The full name(s) institutional affiliation(s) and contact details of the author(s), should be supplied as a separate attachment. If the author is a doctoral-level researcher, this information should be provided here.

Submitting the paper

Submissions should be provided in MS Word or Rich Text Format. The three attachments (paper; contact details; abstract and keywords) should be sent by e-mail to the Working Paper series secretariat.

Where this is not possible, the relevant documents can be saved to CD and sent to

Alexander Goerne
RECWOWE Working Paper series secretariat
School of Social and Political Sciences
University of Edinburgh
10 Buccleuch Place, Room 4.17
Edinburgh EH8 9LW

Please specify the call to which your submission corresponds.