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Doctoral Workshops

Menton 2010

RECWOWE / ESPAnet Doctoral Workshop

The politics of employment-friendly welfare reforms

Sciences Po, CollÈge Universitaire de Menton, (South of ) France, 28-30th October 2010 (organised jointly with ESPAnet - The European Network for Social Policy Analysis)

The call for application is now closed.

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In 2010, the RECWOWE doctoral workshop is devoted to research focusing on the politics of employment-friendly welfare reforms. Activation, employability, employment rates have become key words of national and European employment policies over the last decades. They have also become goals for welfare reform aimed at increasing employment rates of older workers, (re-)conciling work and family life, increasing female labour force participation, investing in education and training, reducing non–wage costs in order to favour job creation, etc.  Accused in the past of hindering job creation, welfare states are being reformed to become “employment-friendly”. Even Continental European welfare states, once well-known for their “labour shedding” strategy, have turned to activation and employment-friendliness. In short, what might be called “employment-friendly welfare reforms” have become central in the social protection policy agendas over the last decades.

During this Doctoral workshop,  we would like to gather PHD students working on “employment-friendly” welfare reforms in Europe (at national and European levels) to come and present their work, as well as discuss senior papers also focussing on these topics. PhD-students with projects related to the theme of the workshop, doing comparative work, and at least in their third year and those close to finishing, are invited to apply for participation in this three days workshop, where they will present a research paper and discuss their scientific work, both within small groups and in plenary discussions. The workshop brings together a maximum of 20 PhD researchers and a team of 9 experts in all relevant fields (labour market changes, employment policies, unemployment protection, pension reforms, health care reforms, care policies, conciliation policies, issues of work/life balance, education and training in Europe). The workshop welcomes quantitative empirical studies in the field, as well as qualitative case studies and policy analyses, from all social sciences.  We will favour comparative work. It can be either focused on national reforms, or on the EU policies, or both.

The Experts who will be commenting PHD papers and give lectures are:

  • Giuliano Bonoli, Professor of Social policy at IDHEAP, Lausanne.
  • Jochen Clasen, Professor of Comparative Social Policy in the University of Edinburgh.
  • Daniel Clegg, Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Ana Guillen, Professor of Sociology, University of Oviedo, Spain,
  • Silja HÄusermann, researcher in comparative politics at the University of Zurich.
  • Jon Kvist, Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.
  • Nathalie Morel, PHD Researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm.
  • Wim Van Oorschot, Professor of Sociology Department of Sociology Tilburg University.
  • Bruno Palier, CNRS researcher in Centre d'Études europÉennes of Sciences Po, Paris.

Organisation of the workshop: The workshop will be organised so that each PHD student has enough time for presenting his/her paper and getting feedbacks from senior researchers and other PHD students (at least 1 hours and 15 minutes will be given for the presentation and discussion of each PHD paper). There will also be some plenary presentations of seniors participants’ paper. During these, we will apply Korpi’s rules, i.e. the paper will be presented and discussed by an assigned discussant (= a PHD student) and then discussed more broadly. The entire organisation and the success of the workshop will rely on the fact that papers will be sent in advance, and read by all participants in advance. That is the necessary condition for favouring intense and interesting discussion. This means that each participant commits to send his/her paper at least three weeks before the workshop (i.e. before the 7th of October).

Practical information: Travel and stay Travel expenses are at the cost of participating students. Accommodation is offered by RECWOWE for up to 2 nights, as well as free lunches and one free workshop dinner. The workshop will be hosted by Sciences Po – CollÈge Universitaire de Menton. You will find all information on RECWOWE doctoral workshops on this website.

Local organiser: Bruno Palier, CNRS researcher at Sciences Po, Paris, and Sara Casella Colombeau, Sciences Po University, Centre d’Études europÉennes