The University of Edinburgh -

Edinburgh 2007


Richard Brodie

Labour markets and the European Employment Strategy. [download]

Jochen Clasen

Lecture E

Describing change in labour market policy.A conditionality approach. [download]

Wim van Oorschot

Lecture G

SOCIAL POLICY DATA for COMPARATIVE RESEARCH: Opinions, Indicators, Policies. [download]

Lecture I 

Income Protection: Principles and Practices. [download]

Bruno Palier

Lecture H 

Understanding Welfare Reforms. [download]

Lecture J

The Politics of Welfare Reforms in (Bismarckian) - Continental European Countries: Is there a specific way? [download]

Alison Smith

Lecture L

Comparative Policy Evaluation: Constructing Indices.[download]

Giuliano Bonoli

Lecture M

Social Policy in Time. [download]

Lecture N

The Politics of Pension reform. [download]

Richard Parry

Lecture O

Scotland within the UK and EU: the Impact of Scottish Devolution.  [download]