The University of Edinburgh -

Edinburgh 2007

Reading list

Caroline de la Porte

Lecture A: A European Social Model?

de la Porte, C., Pochet, P., and Room, G. (2001) “Social Benchmarking, Policy-Making and New Governance in the EU”, Journal of European Social Policy, Vol.11, No.4, pp.291-307  [download]

Lecture B: Governing Social Europe through the OMC

Zeitlin, J. (2005). The open method of coordination in action: theoretical promise, empirical realities, reform strategy. In J. Zeitlin, & P. Pochet with L. Magnusson (Eds.), The Open Method of Coordination in action: the European employment and social inclusion strategies (pp.447-503). Brussels: P.I.E.-Peter Lang.[download]

Jorgen Goul Andersen

Lecture C: Analysing Welfare State Change

OECD Employment Outlook 2006 pp.23-27, 47, 56-72, 80-100, 117-126, 158-169, 174-185, 190-194,197-201.  and search in publications for OECD Employment Outlook (most University Libraries should subscribe to this publication).  Anyone who can’t access this can pick up a copy on arrival.

Jorgen Goul Andersen: Conceptualizing Welfare State Change [download]

Jorgen Goul Andersen: Conceptualizing Welfare State Change (Overhead) [download]

Lecture D: Economic challenges and the labour market: survey of evidence and the Danish case

As Above

Jochen Clasen and Daniel Clegg

Lecture E: Describing Change in LMP

J Clasen and N. Siegel (eds) (2007) Investigating welfare state change.
The dependent variable problem in comparative analysis, Cheltenham:
Edward Elgar. [download]

J. Clasen and D. Clegg (2006) Beyond Activation in European Societies 8:4 (2006) pp: 527-553. [download]

Wim van Oorschot

Lecture G: Social Policy Data for Comparative Research 

Oorschot, W. van, with J. Clasen (2002) 'Changing principles in European social security', in: European Journal of Social Security , vol. 4, nr. 2, pp. 89-116

Lecture I: Income Protection: General Principles and Practices

As Above

Bruno Palier

Lecture H: Understanding Welfare Reform 

The last chapter (conclusion) of Pierson, Paul.  2001.  The new Politics of the Welfare state, Oxford University Press

Anyone who cannot access this can pick it up on arrival.

Lecture J: The Politics of Reform in Bismarckian Welfare Systems

Bruno Palier: The Politics of Reforms in Bismarckian Welfare Systems, Revue française des Affaires sociales,, special issue,Social Welfare Reforms in Europe. Challenges and Strategies in Continental and Southern Europe, January-march,2006 pp.47-72. [download]

Ingela Naumann

Lecture K: Care Regimes and their Interplay with Labour Markets

Kimberley J. Morgan (2005): The Production of Child Care: How Labour 
Markets Shape Social Policy and Vice Versa, in: Social Politics, 
Summer 2005, 243-263. [download]

Alison Smith

Lecture L: Using Large Data Sets in Comparative Policy Analysis

Child Poverty in Perspective: An Overview of Child Well-Being in Rich
Countries”, UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, Report Card 7 –

Further/alternative reading:

Gornick, J. C., Meyers M. K. and Ross, K. E. (1997) "Supporting the
Employment of Mothers: Policy Variation Across Fourteen Welfare States"
Journal of European Social Policy 7: 45-70.

Giuliano Bonoli

Lecture M: Studying Social Policy in Time

Paul Pierson, Politics in time, 2004, pp 1-16

For those who cannot access this book, a copy of the relevant chapter will be available on arrival.

Lecture N: The Politics of Pension Reform

Recommended reading: Bonoli, G. (2003) Two worlds of pension reform in western Europe, Comparative Politics

Richard Parry

Lecture O: Scotland within the UK and EU: the Impact of Scottish Devolution

Social Security under devolution in the United Kingdom. Published in Jef van Langendonck ed, The Right to Social Security, (Antwerp: Intersentia 2007) pp 109-119 [download]