The University of Edinburgh -

Utrecht 2008


Prof. Jacob Hacker

Lecture A: Risk Shifting in Social Policy: Historical and Cross-National Perspectives on the American Experience

Lecture B: Health at Risk: The Erosion of American Health Security and its Lessons

Prof. Dr. Giuliano Bonoli

Lecture C: Adapting Western Welfare States to New Structures of Social Risk [download]

Dr. Peter Achterberg

Lecture E: A cultural polarization of values? Evidence for growing ideological constraint in 78 countries [download]

Dr. Rik van Berkel

Lecture F: Governing pathways to work in Europe [download]

Prof. Dr. Chiara Saraceno

Lecture G: Adressing Old and New Family-related risks in Europe [download]

Prof. Dr. Mirko Noordegraaf

Lecture H: How policy makers and public managers cope with risks [download]

Prof. Dr. Romke van der Veen

Lecture I: Transformation in the governance of social risks: consequences for public responsibilities and the role of the state [download]

Dr. Els Sol

Lecture J: Pathways to work: Decentralisation and Coordination in Labour Market Policy [download]

Dr. Willibrord de Graaf, Dr. Robert Maier

Lecture K: Governance of locality: the neighbourhood as place for integration? [download]

Prof. dr. Anton Hemerijck

Lecture WRR (The Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy) [download]