The University of Edinburgh -

Utrecht 2008

Reading list

Prof. Jacob Hacker

Lecture A: Risk Shifting in Social Policy: Historical and Cross-National Perspectives on the American Experience

Jacob S. Hacker (2004): Privatizing Risk without Privatizing the Welfare State: The HiddenPolitics of Social Policy Retrenchment in the United States; American Political Science Review, vol 98, no. 2, 243-260 [download]

Lecture B: Health at Risk: The Erosion of American Health Security and its Lessons

Jacob S. Hacker (2004) Review Article: Dismantling the Health Care State? Political Institutions, Public Policies and the Comparative Politics of Health Reform; British Journal of Political Science. 34, 693–724 [download]

Prof. Dr. Giuliano Bonoli

Lecture C: Adapting Western Welfare States to New Structures of Social Risk

Bonoli, G. (2007) Time matters. Postindustrialisation, new social risks and welfare state adaptation in advanced industrial democracies. Comparative Political Studies, 40, 495-520.

Bonoli, G. & Häusermann, S. (2008-forthcoming) Who wants what from the welfare state? Socio-structural cleavages in distributional politics: Evidence from Swiss referendum votes. European Societies.

Dr. Peter Achterberg

Lecture E: A cultural polarization of values? Evidence for growing ideological constraint in 78 countries

Tom Sefton (2003) "What we Want From The Welfare State" pp. 1-28. In: British Social Attitudes 20th Report, Alison Park (ed.) Sage.

Dick Houtman, Peter Achterberg, Anton Derks (2008): Farewell to the Leftist Working Class. Chapter 6: The Working Class and the Welfare State. Judgements on the Rights and Obligations of the Unemployed. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction.   

Dr. Rik van Berkel

Lecture F: Governing pathways to work in Europe

Borghi, V. en Van Berkel, R. (2007), ‘New modes of governance in Italy and the Netherlands. The case of activation policies’, Public Administration, vol. 85, no. 1, pp. 83-101. [download]

Newman, J. (2007), ‘The ‘double dynamics’ of activation: institutions, citizens and the remaking of welfare governance’, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol. 27, No. 9/10, pp. 364-387. [download]

Prof. Dr. Chiara Saraceno

Lecture G: Adressing Old and New Family-related risks in Europe

Bradshaw J., A review of comparative evidence on child poverty, Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2006. [download]

Fagnani J., Math A., "Policy packages for families with children in 11 European countries. Multiple approaches", in A. Leira and C. Saraceno (eds.), Childhood: Changing contexts, CSR series, vol. 25, Emerald, Bingley, 2008, pp. 55-80

Grundy E., "Ageing and vulnerable elderly people: European perspectives", Ageing and Society, 26, 2006, pp. 105-134

Lewis J., M. Campbell and C. Huerta, "Patterns of paid and unpaid work in Western Europe: gender, commodification, preferences and the implications for policy",  Journal of European Social Policy, Vol. 18 (1), 2008, pp. 21–37

Maier R., De Graaf W. and Frericks P., "Policy for the 'Peak hour of life'. Lessons from the Dutch saving scheme", European Societies, 9, 3, 2007, pp. 339-358

Saraceno C., Gender and care: old problems, new solutions?, 2008 Ursula Hirschmann lecture, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University, Florence, 22 April 2008 [download]

Prof. Dr. Mirko Noordegraaf

Lecture H: How policy makers and public managers cope with risks

RAW Rhodes, P 't Hart, M Noordegraaf Observing Government Elites: Up Close and Personal, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007, chapter 7, pp. 78-102

Barry Bozeman & Gordon Kingsley, Risk Culture in Public and Private Organizations, Public Administration Review, Vol. 58, 1998

Prof. Dr. Romke van der Veen

Lecture I: Transformation in the governance of social risks: consequences for public responsibilities and the role of the state

Romke van der Veen (2008); The Transformation of the Welfare State. What is left of public responsibility? In: W. Schinkel 2008 [download]

Romke van der Veen; Managed Competition and Managed Care in Dutch Health Care Reform. A sociological analysis of organisational and policy developments in Dutch health care [download]

Dr. Els Sol

Lecture J: Pathways to work: Decentralisation and Coordination in Labour Market Policy

E.Sol, (2005) Contracting out of Public Employment Systems from a Governance Perspective. In: T.Bredgaard&F.Larsen(eds) Employment Policy from different angles. DJOF Publishing Copenhagen, 155-173
M.Considine (2005) Policy Interventions and Accountability. In: M. Considine, Making Public Policy. Institutions, Actors, Strategies. Poltiy Press. 207-224.
E.Sol (2003) The Netherlands: Tackling the trade-off between efficiency and accoutnability. In OECD, Managing Decentralisation. A new role for labour market policy. OECD:Paris.

Dr. Willibrord de Graaf, Dr. Robert Maier

Lecture K: Governance of locality: the neighbourhood as place for integration?

Kennett, P. and Forrest, R. (2006) The Neighbourhood in a Eurpopean Context. Urban Studies vol. 43, no. 4, 713-718

Bridge, G (2006) Perspectives on Cultural Capital and the Neighbourhood. Urban Studies, vol. 43, no. 4, 719-730

Garcia, M. (2006) Citizenship Practices and Urban Governance in European Cities. Urban Studies, vol. 43, no. 4, 745-765

Lupi, T. and Musterd, S. (2006) The suburban 'Community Question'. Urban Studies, vol. 43, no. 4, 801-817