The University of Edinburgh -

Utrecht 2008

Student participants

Participating students

Year of PhD
Aroa Tejero Oviedo 1st Relation between social policy and persistent poverty in Spain
Franca van Hoorn European University Institute 2nd A study of welfare provision beyond national boundaries Comparative/ qualitative
Karoliina Majamaa Helsinki 2nd A study of parental support for adult children Quantitative
Sara Hultqvist Vaxjo 1st Activity compensation for young persons with work in-capacity
Sabine Neukirch Essen 1st A study of flexible female breadwinners Qualitative
Ivana Dobrotic Ljubljana 3th A study of differences in Work-family policies in post communistic countries
Kerstin Hofreuter Hamburg 2nd A study of social inequality in health care Quantitative
Eric Crettaz Lausanne 2nd A study of working poverty in postindustrial economies Quantitative
Ines Verspohl Osnabruck 1st Health care reforms in Europe
Jan Heuer Bremen 1st A study of the link between welfare regime and the (legal) bunkruptcy regulations Comparative
Ludovica Gambaro London school of economics 1st Why are childcare workers low paid? Mainly quantitative
Ralf Och Hamburg 2nd Development of a typology of local governance-structures Qualitative
Milena Kremakova Warwick 1st Empirical case-study of recent transformation in job-security in Bulgary Qualitative
Clemence Ledoux Paris 2nd A study of the regulation of care jobs in France and Germany Comparative
Annarita Fasano Rome 1st A study on managing local employment growth Comparative/ Case Studies
Eva Soukupova Praha 2nd A study of family policy in central and eastern Europe Quantitative
Philine Weyrauch Bremen 1st A study on the conceptualisation of  social risks
Klara Vrbkova Masaryk 2nd A study of the influence of governance and institutional framework on activation policies for disabled people Mixed


PhD Groups

I- Care Policy II - Poverty and other Social Risks
Franca van Hoorn Aroa Tejero
Karoliina Majamaa Eric Crettaz
Clemence Ledoux Philine Weyrauch
Eva Soukupova


III - Activation Policy

IV - Governance
Sara Hultqvist Jan Heuer
Milena Kremakova Ralf Och
Ivana Dobrotic Annarita Fasano

Sabine Neukirch
V - Health Care
Kerstin Hofreuter
Ines Verspohl
Ludovica Gambaro
Klara Vrbkova


Assignment Groups  

Group A Group B
Franca van Hoorn Ines Verspohl
Kerstin Hofreuter Karoliina Majamaa
Aroa Tejero Eric Crettaz
Sara Hultqvist Ralf Och
Jan Heuer


Group C

Group D
Ludovica Gambaro Klara Vrbkova
Eva Soukupova Clemence Ledoux
Philine Weyrauch Sabine Neukirch
Milena Kremakova Ivana Dobrotic
Annarita Fasano