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The programme was funded by the Anglo-German Foundation within their research initiative Creating Sustainable Growth in Europe. Focusing on the fields of family policy, pension policy and dynamic conceptions of social justice it investigated how the German and British welfare states are adapting to common as well as country-specific societal, demographic and labour market challenges.

The aim was to identify shifts in the role of public and private (occupational) welfare provision and to assess the sustainability of new welfare mixes in a European context. The findings of the programme contribute to public policy by providing an encompassing and nuanced assessment of cross-national similarities and differences and thus lead to an improved understanding of options, and limitations, for policy learning.

The programme has come to an end in April 2009 when the findings were presented at the final conference. The final report of the programme and a German summary are available in the publications section. Results have also been published in the edited volume Converging Worlds of Welfare? British and German Social Policy in the 21st Century by Oxford University Press as part of a book series based on the Anglo-German Foundation initiative Creating Sustainable Growth in Europe.