28 Sep 2017

Childhood Studies Graduates publishing success

Two journal articles are now available as part of the Special Journal Issue of Social Inclusion
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20 Sep 2017

Scepticism over partnership with industry to tackle non-communicable diseases

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have highlighted scepticism within the global public health community about the effectiveness of partnership approaches for addressing non-communicable diseases
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11 Sep 2017

Handbook of European Social Policy

University of Edinburgh researchers contribute to Handbook of European Social Policy
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27 October, 2017

Democratic Devolution in the wake of Brexit: Youth Citizenship in Greater Manchester

Seminar: Chrystal Macmillan Building Staff Room
Speaker: Andy Mycock # University of Huddersfield
15:00 (3 hours)
17 November, 2017

Coping with Crisis: Local and Global Experiences the Fukushima Triple Disaster

Seminar: Chrystal Macmillan Staff Room 6th floor
Speaker: Sudeepa Abeysinghe # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Joanthan Suk # European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
14:00 (3 hours)
1 December, 2017

Working lives: lone mothers and their children in the 21st century

Seminar: Chrystal Macmillan Building Staff Room 6th Floor
Speaker: Jane Millar # University of Bath, UK
15:00 (3 hours)